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Bat-Chris by Dom Sharpe

This is where I share things I've developed from books and research to videos and apps. I'm currently Associate Professor and Chair of Communication Studies at a small liberal arts college in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia. I teach Media and Cultural Studies, which means critically analyzing and producing things related cinema, music, video games, and computer programs. Lately, I've been writing about Batman and learning more about software development. Some of my publications include Batman and the Joker: Contested Sexuality in Popular Culture (2020), Covering Canadian Crime: What Journalists Should Know and the Public Should Question (2016), co-edited with Romayne Smith Fullerton, and Habitus of the Hood (2012) co-edited with Hans Skott-Myhre. I also host This Is Not A Pipe Podcast, where I interview authors of new books in Critical Theory, Cultural Studies, and Philosophy.