Instructional Design Portfolio

As an Instructional Designer, I have consulted on many projects and created myriad learning applications. Here are some of my favorite recent examples. If you're looking to collaborate on a project, please don't hesitate to contact me.


Three Questions

This app was made with Articulate Storyline, and reveals whether you are an intuitive or analytical thinker.

Somewhere Shakespeare

This app was made with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and the Google Maps API. Find Shakespeare's location on the map with each clue!

Language Quiz

This English/French/Spanish quiz app was made with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. When the hint option is on, the dog wags his tail more quickly when hovering over the correct answer.


Five Reasons to Write an Essay

This video was built using Adobe After Effects, Audition, and Premier Pro and explores the history and motivations for essay writing today.