Introduction to Media Communication

Welcome to Introduction to Media Communication! You'll never see the world the same way a good way! Complete the weekly challenges before Fridays at midnight to ensure full participation.

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Week 01

Google's Year in Search 2020

Week 01 Questions

Week 02

More information about Foxconn.

More information about Fordism.

More information about Coltan.

Week 02 Questions

Week 03

iPhone Commercial

SNL Tech Talk skit

Justice League Action "The Amazing Mister Miracle" excerpt

Week 03 Questions

Week 04

Will Ferrell on Twilight

Tayshia and Zac get Engaged!

Honey Boo Boo

Week 04 Questions

You can find these example content analyses here...

Week 05

Week 05 Questions

Week 06

Week 06 Questions

Week 07

Week 07 Questions


Upon successful completion of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Define media and elaborate upon their significance
  • Recognize the major theoretical and methodological approaches to studying media
  • Place debates about "the media" within larger social and historical contexts
  • Design and conduct original content analyses
  • Present informed arguments about the nature of mediated communication today
  • Reflect on how media affect your daily life.


There are two texts assigned for this course: