Gender, Race, and Media

Welcome to Gender, Race, and Media! Whether you're officially registered or just checking out the site, you're now part of the class! You'll soon think more deeply about these issues. And you'll become a more knowledgeable and engaged citizen who is able to critically reflect on media representations and everyday practices in nuanced and meaningful ways.

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Week 01

Week 01 - Introduction


Gender and Race

Week 02

Week 02 - Gender

Batman and the Joker

Gender and Sexuality


Week 03

Week 03 - Race


Your last implicit association test!

Week 04

Week 04 - Media

Week 05

Week 05 - Identity

Week 06

Week 06 - Batman: Year One


Upon successful completion of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Define gender, race, media, and associated terms while contextualizing their significance
  • Recognize the major theoretical and methodological approaches to studying gender, race, and media
  • Place debates about representation and identity within larger social and historical contexts
  • Design and conduct original research that builds on these debates
  • Present informed arguments about the nature of gender, race, and media today
  • Reflect on how these issues affect your daily life and people around the world.


There will be some linked readings, but these are the three books you should have: