First-Year Foundations

Welcome to FYF! I've thought about what starting university was like for me as a first-generation student and I'll be sharing all the things I wish I knew then. I also promise not to waste your time with BS assignments or anything like that. Everyone's welcome.

Ask Me Anything

Week 01

Week 1 - 20 Questions

This questionnaire is to get to know you better. Most questions are based on the Proust questionnaire, which has been posed to many people over the decades. I encourage you to check it out here if you're interested. Please answer only what you're comfortable sharing. I've put my answers in as examples. Only you and I will see your submission, but, in part two, I'll ask you to share what you like with your peers.

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Week 02

Week 2 - Making Friends

Week 03

More about these questions (to read after you complete them!) can be found here and in the books below...

Week 3 - Liberal Arts

World Map

Move your mouse over the map or touch to find coordinates...

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Week 04

Week 4 - Getting Organized




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Week 05

Your Logical Fallacy Is...
A helpful resource for answering this week's questions.

This video accompanies the last question.

Week 5 - Information Literacy

Don't forget to send in your own logical fallacy video this week. You're welcome to work with anyone from class. Don't repeat any of the logical fallacies that Chris already did. And bonus points if you can share your fallacious video on social media and get people to agree with it (though please tell them later that they fell for a logical fallacy and that they need to take an information literacy class!).

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Week 06

Week 6 - Group Projects

Week 07

Week 7 - Group Projects

Week 08

Week 8 - Advising/Group Projects

Week 09

Week 9 - Time Management

This week, you're making a one-minute video about time management based on your own research. You can send the video via email, or, if it's too large, you can use Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox to send the file. You may want to start by checking out any of the books below. Keep in mind, however, that you should introduce one time-management technique and not everyhing in the book. You should be able to answer yes to following five questions:

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Week 10

Week 10 - Self-Reflection

Week 11

Week 11 - Leadership

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Week 12

Week 12 - Habits

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Week 13

Week 13 - Careers


Upon successful completion of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Find information through more reliable sources
  • Read, understand, and synthesize academic work
  • Critically assess the validity and accuracy of claims found in scholarship and popular culture
  • Locate all the important stuff on campus and online
  • Articulate your thoughts a little better
  • Celebrate your first term as a college student


There are no textbooks assigned by me. I'll share articles as weeks go by. But if you want to kick-ass as a first-year student, these books are worth checking out...