Batman and the Joker

With the release of Batman and the Joker: Contested Sexuality in Popular Culture, I will be recording videos and sharing media in lieu of a physical book tour. If you're interested in having me speak about gender, sexuality, popular culture, and the Batman mythos, please contact me here . I'm happy to talk to classes, student organizations, media, and other groups when scheduling permits.

Batmand and the Joker

A dazzling engagement with the Batman-Joker dynamic across multiple media. Richardson explores their love-hate relationship in relation to decades of cultural discourses around fashion, psychiatry, politics and prejudice, making connections with the deft skill of a detective while retaining a playful, witty fluidity. He perfectly captures the paradoxical, contradictory, queer complexity of these cultural icons, and the way they reflect our shifting anxieties and ideals around gender and sexuality.

- Will Brooker, Author of Batman Unmasked and Hunting the Dark Knight

Talks and Presentations

Bat-Chris by Dom Sharpe